I recently went to a Hay House writer’s workshop and over the last few months I’ve re-discovered my passion for writing. I’ve been doing videos but not much written content. I realised the other week that I have a blog section on my website and I’ve been really shit at not posting anything up there. So I decided it’s time to rectify that. So there is going to be more content going up there! And here goes….


I wanted to share with you some insight on the energy I’ve been feeling for this week. Since February 2018 I’ve been getting the message that the last week in May is going to be a week of reflection, growth and expansion. I’ve been speaking with friends and clients and the week ahead (May 28th-June 2nd) is a time where space has been created for just this. People are off on holiday, meetings have been changed or rescheduled, Spirit is opening up space.

Back in March I thought I’d be heading to a breath work retreat in New Mexico and I booked out my diary. I tuned in with Spirit and it didn’t feel aligned to go. But instead of filling up my diary I kept it blocked off. Now I realise this week is all about discovering new creative ideas, manifesting and creating the space so Spirit can bring in the energy for the second half of the year.

So this week I encourage you to make time and space to reflect and bring in your dreams. We are in a time of upgrades and transformation – the time is now so be ready to take inspired action.


It’s also a Full Moon on Tuesday 29th in Sagittarius. A moon to bring a fresh new perspective and self- awareness. I am a big fan of the astrologer Pam Younghans- North Point Journal and you can check out her weekly insight here

Photo by Melanie Magdalena on Unsplash


  • Reflect on what you’ve learnt the last month- what has changed? What have you learnt? What are you ready to let go of? What have you outgrown?
  • Spend 10 mins calling in your Guides and asking what you need to know for the second half of the year. Then journal or record in your phone as a voice memo what came through.
  • Use a card spread around the Full Moon. Choose a tarot or oracle card deck of your choice.
  1. A card to symbolise what you are ready to let go of
  2. A card to symbolise what is holding you back in letting it go
  3. A card to symbolise what you are manifesting in
  4. A card to symbolise how you are manifesting it in
  5. A card to symbolise what help you need this month

So enjoy this week of reflection & expansion- I know I’m excited to see here Spirit leads me!

Next week, June 10th is The Spirit Upgrade Live– I am hosting an afternoon of connecting to your intuition and Spirit Guides. I am going to be sharing messages from Spirit and loved ones, connecting you to your own Guides and intuition and your chance to ask me any questions you have regarding Spirit. For more info and to secure your ticket VISIT HERE. Tickets are selling up so don’t miss out!