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Today we’re joined by Tracy Keough, leadership & energetics mentor.

This conversation is like a snapshot of personal offline chats I have with Tracy!

We talk about the power of energetics, why it’s important to clear your energy and what energy might be “taking you out” without you even realizing.

Energy supports us in our endings, our transformation and evolution so this is a must listen to episode to support you in the endings you currently face.

In this episode we discuss: 

  • The importance of energetics
  • How to clear and identify energy that’s not yours
  • Energy taking you out of your purpose
  • Clearing your field to be in your authenticity.
  • Politics and energetics
  • Language and energetics
  • Energy clearing to support the death and endings in your life

Ways to Connect Tracy

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  • Podcast Music: “Things That Die” by Baljit Rayat
  • Editing – Kelly Whinnem

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