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Do you believe in manifesting? The ending is all part of the process, and this week we’re joined by Lacy Phillips, global manifestation expert and speaker to go deeper into the power of an ending to manifest what you’re calling in.

Lacy opens up about her own endings, her own process and honouring the endings to step into your authentic self

Lacy Phillips is a global manifestation expert and speaker specializing in unblocking beliefs of unworthiness and expanding into alignment with what one is calling in. She is the founder of To Be Magnetic™, the destination for Neural Manifestation™

In this episode we discuss: 

  • Lacy’s ego death in postpartum
  • Lacy’s secret weapon to face the ending and the jumping off a cliff moment
  • Death/Rebirth in Witchcraft and Energetic Magic
  • What is your familiar animal? And how they can support you
  • The evolution of TBM and the business
  • Lacy’s biggest endings and what she hopes to experience on her own death bed.

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Podcast Music: “Things That Die” by Baljit Rayat

Editing – Kelly Whinnem

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