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This part of the journey to working with your intuition can feel like the most daunting. How on earth are you supposed to act on your intuition if you’re unsure what Spirit are trying to tell you?

When we receive the guidance it can feel overwhelming. You know that it’s for you and that it’s important. But then there’s this realization and your heart sinks, “What does it mean?” Your mind goes into overdrive as doubt and fear kick in. “Well, maybe I’m wrong?” Our tendency to overthink can often drive us to withdraw, to fall back into fear patterns.

This episode is going to help you “Be the Detective” in decoding your messages. It will show you how to bring out your inner sleuth and take action in your life.                    

In this episode Natalie shares:

  • Answers to spiritual questions from listeners including questions on ghosts, grounding and crystals.
  • How to work out what your messages mean.
  • How we have a personal answer book we can access to decode our messages.
  • How to work out what part of your life the messages relate to.
  • How online technology has got in the way for us to decode our own messages.
  • How to let go of fear so you can decode your messages.
  • How to follow the trail to get greater depth from your messages.

Podcast Music: “Follow You” by Daniel Gong (Dansonn)             

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