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This week’s episode is “A Call to Action for the Intuitive Community”- a channelled message from Spirit on this super full moon and Equinox.

If you call yourself intuitive, work within the spiritual realm or are just reconnecting with your intuition this message is for you. This is for the intuitives, the healers, the light workers, the shadow workers, the doulas, health professionals, the psychics, mediums, the intuitive coaches, intuitive artists, intuitive writers, the astrologers, spiritual guides, teachers, the shamans, the dream workers. The spiritual community as a whole.

Have a listen to this episode during this pivotal time where we’re being asked:

  • How can we part of the change our planet and community needs?  
  • How can we use the gifts we have to bring it back to Love?
  • How can we harness our energy as a collective?

On this Super Full Moon and Equinox ( Spring- Northern Hemisphere, Fall/Autumn- Southern Hemisphere) we’re being called to come together to bring healing and peace to the globe as a community.

Please share this episode with your friends, family, healers, spiritual leaders and intuitive thought leaders you follow on social media. Let’s start a conversation on how we can come together as a collective to create change. The episode can also be viewed on YouTube and a written transcript can be seen HERE.

Natalie will be hosting a LIVE global healing circle on Weds 20th at 6.45pm-7.15pm PST on her Instagram Stories –

A replay will be available if you can’t join.

Podcast Music: “Follow You” by Daniel Gong (Dansonn)

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