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Today we’re joined by my two favourite tarot readers and writers Rashunda Tramble & Sarah Gottesdiener. When the death card appears in the tarot it might bring up fear. But in this episode we go deeper into the meaning and interpretation of this card.

In this episode we discuss: 

  • What questions to ask yourself when the Death card appears?
  • The gifts of the death card
  • Mediumship & connecting to a loved one
  • How Temperance & The Hanged Man impact the meaning of the death card.
  • Sarah & Rashunda share how death has impacted and what it has taught them in their own lives.

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Ways to Connect with Rashunda

  • Stay Woke Tarot website- here

Ways to Connect with Sarah

  • The Moon Studio – here
  • Instagram- here

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Podcast Music: “Things That Die” by Baljit Rayat

Editing – Kelly Whinnem

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