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Hands up if you want more guidance and depth to your intuitive messages!!?? You want the detail, more clarity and you want to know more. The way to get more insight when working with your intuition and your Guides is to interact with it. Don’t just sit back on the sofa waiting for it all to come back down. Ask questions. Be active in working with your intuition. This episode covers how you can do this and simple steps to start taking action with your intuitive hits and downloads.  

Our mood and energy affects our connection to our gifts. This episode also covers why it’s important to be in a high vibe state when asking for signs and guidance.

In this episode Natalie shares:

  • Answers to spiritual questions from listeners including questions on decoding messages and pets!
  • Why it’s important to interact with our intuition & Spirit Guides
  • How to interact with your intuition and get more
  • How to do this for yourself and when giving messages to others
  • The importance of being high vibe when connecting to your gifts
  • Navigating depression & anxiety when connecting to your gifts

Podcast Music: “Follow You” by Daniel Gong (Dansonn)

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