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This week we’re joined by Sahara Rose – best selling author, top podcast host of the Highest Self Podcast & speaker. Most people connect Sahara with Ayurveda but in this episode we talk about Sahara’s energy shift away from Ayurveda so she can share more of what lights her up in her life! She talks about this pivot, fear and judgement and the power of being individual.

One of the topics Sahara is sharing on right now is Archetypes and Magical Beings so she shares insight on this journey of discovery.

In this episode they talk about

  • Sahara’s journey to connect with her body & intuition
  • Sahara’s soul contract with Ayurveda ending so she can share new concepts and thoughts in her work
  • How Sahara connects to her intuition
  • Archetypes & Magical Beings
  • Facing fear when you change direction
  • Discovering your soul purpose
  • The Michael Teachings
  • Sahara’s focus for 2019
  • Natalie shares messages with Sahara
  • Thoughts on Ayahuasca

Podcast Music: “Follow You” by Daniel Gong (Dansonn)

Resources Mentioned

Ways to connect with Sahara

Ways to connect with Natalie

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