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This week we’re joined by plant spirit medicine practitioner Mimi Young of Ceremonie. The first ever in-person recorded interview on the podcast and we cover so many different topics. From talking about dreams, shamanic journeying and plant medicine. To the impact of the menstrual cycle on our intuition, drinking tea and Harry Potter. This episode is such a journey that all comes together in the messages shared to Mimi at the end from Spirit.

Mimi Young is the founder and plant spirit medicine practitioner of Ceremonie, a ritual-based brand that offers shamanic aura care and skincare and in-person and online Spirit Medicine Studies. Mimi works with a blend of modalities including core shamanism and botanical healing, hedge magick, and Chinese shamanic modalities, with a focus on integrating the subconscious with the conscious, past lives work, divination, dream work, and divine feminine reawakening.

In this episode they talk about:

  • How to start and develop a dream practice
  • What recurring dreams can give us insight on
  • Spiritual Bypassing using the Divine Feminine
  • Seeing the Shadow
  • The powerful themes in Harry Potter
  • What is Shamanic journeying and how Mimi works with her clients
  • The impact of the menstrual cycle on your intuition
  • Combining ancient traditions & new technology
  • Cultural Appropriation & Cultural Practices
  • Drinking Tea as Plant Medicine
  • Mimi shares a powerful ancestor dream story
  • Ancestral bloodlines
  • How Mimi shares her work with her young children
  • Natalie shares messages with Mimi

Podcast Music: “Follow You” by Daniel Gong (Dansonn)

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