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We can all connect to our loved ones who have passed over- our family, friends and even our pets. You don’t need “special” mediumship gifts. They regularly send us signs and messages from the other side. But how do we notice they’re trying to get our attention?

How can we call on them from the other side? How can we work out what they’re trying to communicate?

In this episode Natalie shares guidance, practical tips and a visualization on how to connect to your loved ones in Spirit. She also shares the regular messages that come through from loved ones in her sessions including if you didn’t get to say goodbye, what happens when they transition to the other side, can they hear your thoughts and prayers, what animals/pets like to communicate.

Plus if you would like to develop your mediumship gifts further and share messages to others from people and animals who have crossed over, Natalie walks us through a simple step by step process to do this.

In this episode Natalie shares

  • Answers to spiritual questions from listeners, including a question on pregnancy and intuition
  • How loved ones like to contact us once they have passed
  • How you can call on them with a simple visualisation
  • The main themes loved ones like to share in one on one sessions
  • What happens when we cross over
  • How to develop your mediumship gifts
  • How to get detailed information to share to others
  • How to prepare for a session before going to see a medium.

Podcast Music: “Follow You” by Daniel Gong (Dansonn)

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