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It’s the first guest episode of the podcast and it’s with my friend and soul sister Ashley Wood.

Ashley is an International Akashic Records Reader, psychic intuitive and spiritual guide.

In this episode we talk about:

  • How Ashley & Natalie were divinely connected on IG.
  • The importance of creating space to connect to our Intuition.
  • The journey of how Ashley discovered her intuitive gifts.
  • Receiving messages through dreams.
  • How Ashley transformed from Vegan food blogger to sharing her gifts.
  • How to be in the creative flow using your intuition.
  • Ashley’s process in deciding when to share messages with people or not
  • Guidance if you’re stepping into your gifts for the first time.
  • The importance of serving yourself first.
  • Natalie shares messages from Spirit with Ashley.
  • Ashley and the Akashic Records

Ways to connect with Ashley

  • Website & Book a Session with Ashley-
  • Manifest This Podcast-
  • Instagram- @_ashleywood

Ways to connect with Natalie

All content and written show notes – Copyright Natalie Miles 2019

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