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In this mini series “Living with Intuition” this episode goes deep on dating, finding love, releasing past relationships and working with your gifts with your long term partners. Why not use your intuitive gifts to help you navigate love and connection! How many times have you got a positive or negative vibe about a relationship and you didn’t act on it? Only to wish down the line you’d acted on your gut instinct. Using our intuition can help us know who to keep in our lives, who to stay away from and when something needs to be addressed in a relationship.

In this episode Natalie shares guidance, practical tips and personal stories on how to work with your intuition if you’re dating, wanting to call in that partner or are in a long term relationship.

She also shares a ritual on how to release past relationships/partners so you can reclaim your power and set yourself free from their energy.

In this episode Natalie shares

  • Answers to spiritual questions from listeners, including a question on negative energy
  • What Spirit has to say about finding “ The One”
  • How to use your intuition whilst dating
  • How to cut the chords from past relationships
  • A ritual to heal past relationships
  • A powerful mantra given to Natalie by Spirit when she was dating
  • How to work with your intuition in a long term relationship

Podcast Music: “Follow You” by Daniel Gong (Dansonn)

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