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This week is a special episode about how to “Heal Your Ancestor Story.” During Natalie’s one on one client sessions channeling Spirit it kept coming up that the themes, blocks and patterns they were experiencing were connected to their ancestors and family. These don’t have to just be from our ancestors hundreds of years ago but our family story from our parents, grandparents and great parents. We carry the trauma, emotions and pain from those who came before us. And these themes can be passed on from generation to generation without us even realising. 

This episode talks about what an Ancestor story is, what we might be carrying from them and  how we can begin the healing process. In the episode Natalie shares what led her to go and look at her own ancestor story, what her ancestor story is and the practices led by Spirit she used to start the healing. 

In this episode Natalie shares

  • Acknowledging the crimes of our ancestral lineage as a white privileged woman
  • The importance of knowing the indigenous land where you live/were born
  • What is an Ancestor Story?
  • What Spirit shares on our Ancestor stories
  • How can we heal our stories?
  • How we don’t have to know our ancestors or family to start the healing
  • Natalie’s journey to discover her Ancestor Story
  • How these stories have played out in her life
  • How the story impacted her relationships
  • The practices/tools and techniques she used during this healing
  • Finishing off your Ancestor’s life journey
  • Why she has created the Heal Your Ancestor Story online offering

Podcast Music: “Follow You” by Daniel Gong (Dansonn)

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