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This week we’re joined by award winning yoga instructor, body positivity advocate, and author of ‘Every Body Yoga.’ Jessamyn Stanley. This conversation covers so many amazing topics. From body positivity and yoga as a spiritual/intuitive practice. To discussing the importance for the wellness/yoga community to become more diverse, safe and accessible for everyone.

Jessamyn shares her wealth of knowledge on yoga, her journey so far and her mission to make yoga accessible for everyone across the world.

If yoga isn’t your jam this is still a must listen episode! Jessamyn inspires us to connect with our bodies and find the power within . Enjoy listening to the episode!

In this episode they talk about

  • Body image, and diversity in the wellness world
  • What does a safe wellness space look like?
  • Yoga as a Spiritual/Intuitive practice
  • Jessamyn’s spiritual reactivation moments
  • How to intuitively discover your style of yoga & practice
  • The need to change accessibility & representation in the yoga world
  • Why she created Underbelly Yoga and the future of the platform
  • Creating body confidence 
  • Yoga for social change
  • Advice if you want to start a yoga practice
  • Natalie shares messages with Jessamyn

Podcast Music: “Follow You” by Daniel Gong (Dansonn)

Jessamyn Stanley Photograph- Bobby Quillard

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