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This week we’re joined by Naturopathic Doctor, Oncology expert & host of the empowerment podcast “Heal Thy Self” Dr Christian Gonzalez. Christian combines science and consciousness into easy, accessible and actionable information to empower us to know more. Why does he do this? So we can reclaim the power to our own bodies, health and wellbeing through knowledge and education.

In this episode we talk about the hidden things we don’t realise we’re consuming in our food, health and household products. The hidden labelling, toxins and “green washing” which is happening in the health, wellness and product consumer industries. Do you know what chemicals are in your home and how they could be impacting your health and wellbeing?

In this episode they talk about

  • How Christian started his journey to become a Naturopathic Doctor
  • How social media has impacted us knowing the truth of the health industry
  • What intuition means to Christian
  • What is “Green Washing” ?
  • Empowering yourself to know what’s in your food, makeup, cleaning products etc
  • Simple steps you can do to make small changes
  • Resources you can use to help you
  • Holding brands accountable to be better
  • How to inspire children to know more about their food
  • The impact of what we’re putting in our bodies and the impact on our consciousness.
  • Natalie shares messages with Christian

Podcast Music: “Follow You” by Daniel Gong (Dansonn)

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