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There’s a lot of pressure right now and talk of finding your soul purpose or discovering your dharma.  We’re being told by the media, coaches, self help books and influencers that this is something we need to achieve for our life to have meaning, purpose and a sense of legacy. In this episode Natalie channels through what Spirit think about the notion of discovering your soul purpose.

Do we really need to discover our soul purpose? Does a soul purpose even exist? Is life about doing your dharma?

In this episode Natalie discusses:

  • What Spirit thinks about a soul purpose
  • How we are rewiring right now what discovering your soul purpose is
  • Practical exercises on how you can create change in your career
  • How you can feel more connection to your career
  • She also answers Spiritual questions from listeners

Podcast Music: “Follow You” by Daniel Gong (Dansonn)

Resources mentioned

  • Sign up for the PRESALE and for all the info of the new workshop Get Gifted. 
  • Sign up to the Samhain/Halloween online circle to celebrate our ancestors and connect to the other side when the veil is thin – October 31st 2019. You will receive a replay if you can’t join live. 
  • Listen to the October Upgrade message- The Embodiment.
  • Listen to the Grounding & Protection episode.

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