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Today we’re joined by Lindsay Branham, an Emmy-nominated film director, PhD candidate in psychology at the University of Cambridge, eco-doula and founder of NOVO, a social impact production company that inspirits human connection in imaginative ways.

This episode is going to help you reflect on your own relationship with nature as we navigate the undergoing extinction and ecological crisis we face as a collective. It will inspire you to deepen and create a dynamic relationship directly with all of nature.

In this episode we discuss: 

  • What is eco grief/ eco anxiety?
  • Practical guidance and tips to develop emotional and nervous system regulation in response to eco-anxiety.
  • Cultivating climate ritual and ceremony into contemplative spiritual practice.
  • The power of love to heal and inspire hope for change
  • How trees teach us about death
  • What action/advocacy is needed to support the land?

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Podcast Music: “Things That Die” by Baljit Rayat

Editing – Kelly Whinnem

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