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This episode is NOT about manifesting money. It’s not going to tell you that to clear your money story and bring in your life abundance you need to create a vision board and write a figure on a cheque that you’d like in your life, surrender and then watch that money appear.

For us to really look at our relationship with money we have to go deeper. To look at the ancestral impact, our lineage, our privilege and how our family story impacts our freedom around money.

Finding freedom with money was channelled through in this month’s upgrade message so here is an episode that delves deeper into how we can create this freedom

Are you uncomfortable talking about money? 

Do you feel stuck, limited, bound or tied in with no freedom around money?

Do you have a low self worth around receiving money for your gifts/talents?

Do you feel like you’re stuck in a cycle with money and you’re not show how to break it?

Are you ready to look at your family/ancestor story around money?

This episode is for you.

In this episode Natalie discusses:

  • How Natalie has been healing being bloated.
  • Why we need to go deeper to look at the root causes of our relationship to money.
  • How rewriting our relationship with money is more than just manifesting.
  • Acknowledging the racial and social wealth gap when talking about manifesting.
  • What money blocks and their impact came through in client sessions. 
  • How our money story is connected to our ancestor and family story.
  • Some of Natalie’s personal money blocks.
  • Practical tips on how you can heal your money story. 
  • How you can discover your freedom with money.
  • Freelancer/ Entrepreneur money mindset.

Podcast Music: “Follow You” by Daniel Gong (Dansonn)

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