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This episode is dedicated to answering your questions that you’ve been submitting to Natalie. 

These questions cover a wide range of spirit topics to help you grow, develop and trust your intuitive gifts. Plus if you’ve wanted a one on one session with Natalie- make sure you listen to this episode!

Some of the questions answered in the episode:

  • Can you hear messages from Spirit who have different voices/accents?
  • How can we release shame, fear and patriarchal programming around connecting to our gifts?
  • How to overcome doubt when receiving a personal intuitive message for yourself or someone else?
  • Why do we Astral travel and what happens during the experience?
  • Will antidepressants and medications affect my gifts and Spiritual Reactivation?
  • As an intuitive reader for others what does it mean when you can’t answer a client’s question?
  • What are codes?
  • Is everyone you have a relationship with a soul contract?
  • How do you develop your mediumship gifts?

Plus other questions! Enjoy listening to these insightful, deep and informative questions from other listeners around the world.

Podcast Music: “Follow You” by Daniel Gong (Dansonn)

Resources mentioned

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  • Sign up to the Create your Money Freedom Circle- TONIGHT November 20th 2019. You will receive a replay if you can’t join live. 
  • Sign Up to this month’s Psychic Circle- November 23rd 2019. A circle to practice your intuitive gifts.
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  • Listen to the November Upgrade message- Deepening Freedom.
  • Listen to the “You Are A Medium” episode on Mediumship.
  • Info on Negative Energy/ Dark Energy Removal Practitioner- Margaret McCormick.
  • Download the Guided Meditations

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