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Just wow. I love this episode. This week we’re joined by Dr Jennifer Mullan of Decolonizing Therapy. Jennifer has the most beautiful energy and shares her powerful knowledge and wisdom. Jennifer guides us through her work as an ancestral intergenerational trauma wound worker, clinical psychologist, trauma-informed supporter and activist. Her work illuminates how violent and traumatic mental-health oppression can be, especially for oppressed groups.  

We talk deeply around how you can connect to your ancestors, your lineage and making that part your healing process. We talk about rage, healing rage and identifying how it can show up in your life without you realizing it. Plus the importance of dismantling systemic and internalized oppression, which she identifies as the decolonization of our mind, body, and spirits. Jennifer brings her knowledge of psychology, spirit work, somatics and activism to this powerful conversation.

In this episode they talk about:

  • Why does Jennifer do this work?
  • Liberating psychology
  • How Spirit and her gifts comes into the therapy space
  • Anchoring to your ancestral wisdom
  • Accessibility for therapy for marginalized communities
  • Healing ancestral/historical trauma with our ancestors safely
  • How Jennifer connects to her ancestors
  • Researching and discovering your ancestors history and where they’re from.
  • Jennifer finding her voice and expressing her rage
  • The multi faceted and hidden ways rage shows up
  • Allowing the youth to dismantle the systems
  • Healing together vs healing solo
  • Rest & Pleasure as resistance 
  • Natalie shares messages with Jennifer.

Podcast Music: “Follow You” by Daniel Gong (Dansonn)

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Ways to connect with JENNIFER

Ways to connect with NATALIE

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