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Krista & Lindsey. I love these two women. I love what they’re sharing in the world and their mission.They are two special souls and I’m so excited to have them on the show this week. Krista and Lindsey are the hosts and founders of the top rated lifestyle podcast, brand and community the Almost 30.

This episode is so aligned that it’s coming out this week. We talk about the power of community, friendships, the reconnection to the feminine energy and creating space in our lives to listen and heal. These are all important themes we’re being called to look at as individuals and the collective right now.

There is also a dedicated intro talking about what is currently happening in the collective energy.

In this episode we talk about:

  • The power of community for personal growth
  • Growing up with more male friends than women
  • Healing the female wound in friendships/relationships
  • Self love, community and the feminine
  • How to tap into the feminine
  • Balancing the masculine and feminine
  • Creating space to feel and express
  • Intuitive healing practices that Krista & Lindsey love
  • Ayahuasca experiences
  • Relationship to our bodies and healing
  • What to keep sacred and what to share on social media?
  • How do we define “the truth? “
  • I share messages with Krista & Lindsey

Podcast Music: “Follow You” by Daniel Gong (Dansonn)

Resources mentioned

  • Sign up to the EQUINOX ATTUNEMENT MONTHLY ENERGY COLLECTIVE WEDS MARCH 18TH 2020. You will receive a replay if you can’t join live. 
  • Sign up to the SACRED GUIDANCE CIRCLE March 26th 2020.

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