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Following last week’s May energy forecast episode with the theme of “DEEP ADAPTATION” it’s time to chat about what that actually means! How can we practically connect to this energy? How can we use this energy to support us this month? How do you navigate these changing times using adaptation?

In this episode Natalie talks through the May energy forecast in more detail giving practical tools, guidance and tips on how you can bring this theme into your life. 

Have a listen to discover how this message will support you and give you guidance for May 2020.

 In this episode Natalie discusses:

  • What’s themes have been uncovered in her own personal life
  • Accessing your inner child
  • How to switch exterior adaptation to an internal one?
  • How to go deeper into your Why?
  • Practical tools and practices to help you adapt
  • Using your intuition to help you adapt
  • The womb as a portal of deep adaptation
  • What Natalie is adapting in her life
  • How to reconnect with your self worth
  • Adapting to look at your role in relationships
  • The upcoming eclipses

Podcast Music: “Follow You” by Daniel Gong (Dansonn)

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