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This week is a re-release of Episode 8 of the podcast first aired in Dec 2018 with Rachel Ricketts — racial justice advocate, healer, spiritual activist and author. With the protests, Black Lives Matter movement across the globe and anti-racism being at the forefront in our collective, this is a must listen to conversation.

Rachel is an outspoken champion  for womxn of colour,  educating all hue-mans on anti-racism  and  inclusion. Her purpose is  to  help  us all better understand our role in perpetuating oppression, of ourselves and/or others, and  learn  concrete  tools for committing to the  solution. Rachel hosts online and in-person workshops including her Spiritual Activism series which promotes racial justice, reconciliation and recovery from racialized trauma, and has helped a variety of global brands commit to anti-racism. 

In this episode we talk about

  • Whiteness in the Spiritual community
  • Why it’s important to be doing anti-racist and intersectional feminist work right now
  • What is Spiritual Activism
  • What’s holding you back from doing this work and looking at these issues
  • The reactivation/ wake up that is happening in our society 
  • Following Black, Indigenous and Womxn of Colour Spiritual Leaders 
  • How Rachel brings intuition into her work
  • Anger to create change

We hope this conversation inspires you to have conversations within your families, communities and friendship groups. They might not be comfortable conversations but they are conversations we need to be having to create change and impact the world we live in.

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