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Welcome to July! The theme for the month ahead is – “COMING HOME”

In this episode Natalie shares insight and a channeled message on the energy for July 2020. This episode will help you navigate the energy and themes for the month ahead. This energy forecast is for you personally and the collective as a whole.  

Have a listen to discover how this message will support you and give you guidance for July 2020.

 In this episode Natalie discusses:

  • A recap on the June 2020 energy theme “The End: The Beginning”
  • What the “COMING HOME” means and what we’re being asked to look at this month.
  • The July 4th/5th eclipse and Coming Home
  • The importance of our energetic frequency right now.
  • How we can navigate the month ahead.
  • A special energy invocation to work with and guided meditation.

Podcast Music: “Follow You” by Daniel Gong (Dansonn)

Resources Mentioned

  • Discover the Indigenous land you live on.
  • Listen to more on Energetic Self Sovereignty.- Episode 78 & Episode 69.
  • Book Natalie’s 1 on 1 sessions or Sacred Guidance Circles for July.
  • Join the Almost 30 Intuition Reactivation: Reconnect to Your Gifts workshop- Thursday June 16th @5pm
  • July “Coming Home”  Guided Meditation Access for the Episode.
  • Join the Online Energy Collective– “Upgrade Your Frequency”. Sign up for a one off event or sign up to be part of the collective.
  • Apply for the Online Energy Collective Scholarship

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All content and written show notes: Copyright Natalie Miles 2020

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