A Workshop to Connect with your Guides


Our Spirit Guides are our cheerleader team in Spirit.

They guide us, help us tap into our intuition and send us those all important signs. Over the course of the next 11 days, I’m going to lead you through a series of guided meditations, rituals, exercises, and activities to get you connected with your guides so you can feel more confident in your intuition and use your guides more in every day life.

You don’t need to buy anything extra – you just need you.

Want a greater connection to your Guides? Watch the videos and take part in the guided meditations with an open heart, ready to receive the guidance your Guides are going to show up. Transformations will happen!

What’s included?

Top tips & advice on how to connect with your Guides
How to Videos
Guided Meditations


Your Upgrade Journey Begins Here…

Born and raised in the U.K., Natalie Miles is a psychic, Spiritual Guide, and mentor whose mission is to support ones spiritual journey by sharing, The Spirit Upgrade. This upgrade connects people with their guides –in other words, cheerleaders in the spiritual realm. Spirit guides help find the answers one seeks, and clears any blocks in the way. Working with guides will heal the past, and help people feel a sense of empowerment.
Natalie has been guided by Spirit to use her gifts to open the door and be the “upgrade” messenger, illuminating the light onto other people’s life paths. Her goal is to inspire people across the globe to connect with their own Spirit Guides, so they can feel more connected, each and every day, and continue an upgraded soul journey.