Online Monthly Energy Collective

Online monthly
energy collective

Natalie channels an energy forecast with a specific theme for the collective each month. Become part of the frequency and join the community collective online. You will recieve deep healing, clarity and guidance for your own personal transformation journey.


Are you listening to Natalie’s podcast? At the beginning of each month, she channels a new theme for the month ahead.

This online collective is designed to bring the community together because we are all energetically connected.

Experience the power of this online space as Natalie supports and guides you to a deeper connection with this channeled monthly energy and how it shows up in your life.

These online collective events can include guided meditations, intuitive development, practical tools, rituals, exercises and deep energy healing.

Plus Natalie channels guidance for the group that SHE doesn’t share anywhere else.

Upcoming Online Energy Collective


Monday, February 17th @6:30pm PST/9:30 pm EST

This event is going to help you to Heal Your Intuitive Body.

The main energy theme for February is “Your Body.” A month of looking at how you relate to your body, what it shows you, how it communicates with you, what healing needs to take place or what healing is already happening. This isn’t just the physical body but our emotional body and energetic intuitive body.  

Natalie will be guiding this event to:

  • Discover what our body is communicating with us 
  • Create ritual and ceremony with the body
  • Begin to heal past trauma with our body
  • Realign our energy and release stagnant energy in our body
  • Reconnect to the power of your Intuitive body.
  • Receive messages and guidance from our Spirit Team
  • Feel confident and powerful within your body.

Natalie will also channel specific messages for the group, not shared anywhere else.

This event will be held via Zoom. If you cannot join LIVE a replay link will be sent out so you can watch in your own time. Once you have signed up a Zoom log-on link will be emailed to you so you can join live. Everyone will receive a separate replay link shortly after the end of the event.

If you can’t join live sign up and do the replay in your own time. You will still receive all the same insights, guidance and be able to step into the energy of the group.

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