The 2021 Astrology Panel Chat with Danielle Beinstein & The Spiritual Gayz

Episode  114

Are we about to embark on the Age of Aquarius? Danielle Beinstein, Psychological Astrologer, Brandon Alter, and Angel Lopez of The Spiritual Gayz, talk with Natalie about the astrology of what’s to come in 2021.

They discuss how being authentically present will start to take precedence over standing back and being a spectator. This will be the year to settle into your individuality and take action to create change. 

In this episode Natalie discusses:

Exploring the push and pull between the concept of freedom and having control over what’s happening around us.

Finding ways to focus on our authentic selves for 2021 and express who that truly is without the confines of societal pressure as it relates to cancel culture, going beyond the binary, and rejecting the material world.

Discussing how 2021 will be a year of basking in the spotlight and taking action to evolve instead of standing back and watching. 

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