Embodiwhat? What’s Embodiment actually about?

Episode  122

There’s some BIG energy circulating this week. We are really looking at who we are and our identities right now. Some of us are going through some powerful identity shifts. During this time, how can we embody our truth? What does that entail in the grand scheme of it all? 

Embodiment is a term thrown around a lot in spiritual and wellness groups, but what does it actually mean? What does it mean to embody something? How can we make our truth tangible? How can we find ways to be in our feelings, our emotions AND our truth? More importantly, how can we move these things through not only our emotional and spiritual body but our physical body?  

In this episode, Natalie discusses: 

How she’s embodying her own truth right now- What her learnings and takeaways are right now in her own life.  

What part of her life she’s not embodying her own values

The importance of moving energy, our learnings from 2020 and our values through the energetic channels in our body to gain clarity and heal.

How does embodiment show up in our everyday lives? 

Learning to connect to your intuitive body and energetic power through the practice of embodiment.   

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