I love the transformation that can happen in a one-on-one session. It is my privilege and honour to guide you through your Upgrade process.


During this in-depth one hour session, you’ll receive channelled guidance on your soul’s journey. This session will look at the blocks and patterns that hold you back from creating your life vision and how you can release them. The session may also touch upon ancestral patterns and stories that are limiting your beliefs. We will also explore soul path guidance, connecting to loved ones who have passed over and past lives. Spirit will also share personalized Upgrade tools to support you in implementing changes in your life.  

This deep healing session will leave you feeling empowered, inspired and ready for the next part of your journey.

All prices are listed in US Dollars (USD). All sessions done online via Zoom. Sessions are for one person only. No group sessions. 

"...I can't recommend her highly enough..."

I had never met Natalie but I felt called to do a session with her as her name and energy have been popping up in my sphere for quite awhile. Having just completed my session, I can confidently say Natalie is one of, if not the best psychics I’ve ever met (and I’ve met quite a few!) She’s empathic, insightful, hilarious, and most importantly, bang fucking on. She explained y past-lives with accuracy and grace, and left me with a long list of practical tips and tools to help me heal and move fully into my purpose. I felt a tangible shift almost immediately and I can’t recommend her highly enough. SEE HER TODAY!

– Rachel

"...amazingly personal and empowering..."

Natalie’s reading brought a profound sense of peace and perspective for me that was very needed. She touched on things that I wasn’t able to articulate… but all of them were longings of my soul. I listen back to our recordings and still glean bits and pieces. I was particularly blown away by the insights from my spirit guide and messages that were amazingly personal and empowering. Tears were shed, shivers were experienced, and laughters shared. I would highly recommend Natalie for a reading!

– Luyi

"...led to a massive shift..."

I’ve experienced quite a few psychic sessions in the past, but nothing even comes close to what I experienced with Natalie. She TRULY has a gift. Natalie was able to hit the nail on the head with absolute truth, which helped me see beyond what I was going through. She provided me with clear answers and insightful takeaways to help me move forward in a positive direction. I applied one of the takeaways right after our call and it led to a massive shift within 24 hours.

– Ruby

"...an incredible experience..."

Working with Natalie was an incredible experience. She put into words feelings and intuitions I had that I couldn’t quite get clear on, and helped me see a path where I was stuck. She was also very warm and open and easy to talk to. In addition to her very accurate reading she also provided practical rituals and homework for me that have helped me so much. I feel like my session with her was very pivotal in my journey

– Alli

"...She's the real thing..."

Natalie was refreshing and fantastic!! Went straight to the point, confirmed messages I have been getting in regards to my relationship and living circumstances without any prior information or hints. No scam here folks. She’s the real thing. I have visited many readers and mediums over the years and she’s at the top of the list! Highly recommend her!! Very kind and gentle and touched my soul on so many levels. Thank you Natalie.

– Emily

"...exactly what I needed..."

The reading with Natalie was phenomenal.. She demonstrated a strong connection to her gifts and helped me break through barriers on my life path. She delivered exactly what I needed — an upgrade. Thanks Natalie!

– Marilyn

Cancellations, missed appointments, no shows & late arrivals
And now for some not-so-fine print: Due to scheduling constraints, no refunds will be issued for cancellations made within 48 hours of your appointment time. This prevents me from being able to offer your spot to other clients on the waitlist.

Cancellations and no-shows will be charged the full session amount. In the event of cancellation, I will do my best to accommodate your rescheduled appointment within a reasonable time.

For late arrivals, your appointment will be shortened to the scheduled end-time if there is another session booked immediately after yours.