The Doorway

The Doorway

A channeled activation series to guide you to receive and connect to your own truth and wisdom

Activate Your Truth and Learn to Navigate the Collective

The Doorway is a channeled activation series that connects you to your personal truth and inner wisdom. Through The Doorway, you’ll connect to your own authority and step confidently towards becoming your own greatest source of Truth.

Each Activation is a portal to access your own intuition and inner guidance. The Activations help you reset, clear your energy field, and heal the present moment while receiving personal intuitive messages from within.

The Doorway activations are here as a door opener to anchor yourself into your truth during these transformational and ever-changing times that we face as a Collective.


Channeler for the Collective and Guide to Help Connect You to Your Truth

I am a psychic medium, writer, and speaker. Author of You Are Intuitive: Trust Your Truth. Take Back Your Power., and host of the podcast “The Doorway.”

But I am not your teacher.

I am a door opener for you to connect to what’s already within you.

You are your own teacher.

Just because I channel doesn’t mean I don’t need the learning and guidance too. I’m a human, learning and growing every day. That’s why I am so excited about The Doorway. It’s a powerful healer and way for you to receive your own guidance.

The Doorway activations will reveal our truths that are waiting for us to show up and hear them.

I am here, opening the doorway for you – it’s up to you to accept the invitation and step through.

The Doorway is a series of channeled Activations designed for you to listen to individually or in combination to heal whatever is present for you.

Each channeled Activation is set to a composed binaural beats music track to help take you deeper. Listen like a guided meditation at home, out in nature, or in the background as you move through your day.

As you listen you will receive your own personal guidance, intuitive hits and energetic releases.




$15 per Activation or $122 for the complete foundation collection.

Suggested Activation Combinations


You can mix and match the different Activations to unlock, call in, or heal any area of your life. Use our “Activation Combinations” to support you in creating your experience, or just listen to them however you feel intuitively called.

Healing a past relationship

Let It Go + Open Heart


Emotional Body Reset + Let It Go
+ Open Heart


Soul Gifts + Expand


Expand + Emotional Body Reset

Breaking through stagnation

Emotional Body Reset + Anchoring In
+ Trust Yourself


Let It Go + Open Heart
+ Soul Gifts


Open Heart + Expand
+ Release Control

Releasing anxiety 
and overwhelm

Emotional Body Reset + Anchoring In

+ Collective Hope

No More Outsourcing Your Truth and Wisdom

I am not your teacher. You are your own teacher. The Doorway shows you a way to connect to your own Truth so you no longer need to follow the lead of another and be steered off course.

You Are Your Own Healer

Create your own combinations to heal and release what is ready to be let go of and powerfully call in what is ready for you. Or, use the Activation Combinations provided for you. There is no right answer.

New Activations Coming in the Future

This is not the end. This is just the beginning of what The Doorway is becoming. More channeled Activations are coming in 2021. Download to begin your healing journey.


You can buy and download each Activation individually or as a bundle. So whether you want to listen to one, a selection for a mix + match healing or have access to the complete foundational collection you can.

$15 per Activation or $122 for the complete collection

Love From the Community

Amy L.

During it was like the most present and deepest meditation ever. After was super restful sleep and also integrated shifts I could feel on a very deep level.

Amy L.

Leslie S.

Strong heart expansion! heart palpitations during certain parts with golden light pouring out my heart! Lots of crying release

Leslie S.

Meg B.

Listening to these Activations makes me feel incredibly connected to the earth and nature afterwards

Meg B.


I’ve had trouble getting to sleep before 2am for over a month. If i go to bed and listen to one of these at 11pm, within 2 mins of Natalie’s speaking part ending (but with the music still playing) I am fast asleep!


Laura S.

They really are amazing. You already feel a shift when the music starts. I’ve done them walking, sitting, before bed and while doing craniosacral work on my husband.

Laura S.

Shelby T.

Your activations, to me, feel like a sort of hydraulic hinge—a beautiful tool that helps each individual pop open their inner doorway with great ease and consistency.

The activation literally takes the load off so that you can just open up the door and discover what waits on the other side

Shelby T.

Stefy G.

I just did a combination yesterday: Release control + Emotional Detox. I was having a rough day. With the activations I was able to connect with my inner voice and received a beautiful message. I felt much more grounded and relaxed afterward!

Stefy G.

Natalie B.

I’m loving this series thank you so much. The Doorway seems to have opened to me parts I had shut for so long.

Natalie B.

Jessie B.

Wow. Just had a huge breakthrough while doing The Doorway series.

Jessie B.

Colleen S.

I am loving The Doorway. The music helps me get into a great head space. Emotional Body Reset has helped me stay grounded, and Expansion has helped me expand my intuition and career!

Colleen S.

Anna Z.

I was immediately drawn to Emotional Body Reset, Expand and Trust Yourself…I have done each and had profound experiences with all of them. So grateful for these activations at this time.

Anna Z.

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