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Natalie Miles

Join me, Natalie Miles, for conversations to break the taboo around the death and endings we face in our lives.

We can naturally shy away from talking about something we all face. Something we know that’s going to happen to all of us. We are going to die.

But death isn’t a final ending. We all face death, endings and life transitions every single day of our lives. In our relationships, our identities, our health & bodies, to our talents and how we show up on this planet. But we now live in a death phobic culture where we don’t want to talk about it. The advancement of technology and staying alive longer has become an obsession. Separating ourselves from this natural life process.

But what does this all mean for us, our planet & natural world? What is our role in a constantly dying and renewing world? How do we personally and as a global community navigate the endings, change and transformations we face? What is our relationship to death? 


Each episode is here to make you think, spark conversation and deepen your relationship with death