We’re all intuitive and can connect to our natural born gifts.

We all have seeing, feeling, hearing & knowing gifts but some are probably stronger than others. But we can develop each of these gifts to make them stronger. This is why GET GIFTED is here to help you.

Each mini workshop that’s part of this series will focus on helping you develop each gift. But more importantly it will help you discover how YOU like to work with each gift as we all have our own unique way of working with our intuition.

Each workshop consists of how to videos, practical tools, exercises and guided meditations.

Are you ready to Get Gifted?

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Workshop includes

4 x Videos of Practical Tools, Guidance, Top Tips and stories of Natalie’s own development of her gifts. All the guidance she wished she had in one place when she was learning

4 x Guided Meditations for each section

4 x Workbooks to go with each section

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Frequently asked questions

How does the workshop work?

You’ll watch a series of videos where Natalie will get you to do exercises and meditations along the way. There are also exercise workbooks for each gift.

Do I need to purchase anything else to do this workshop?

No. You just need you. With an open heart and an open mind to develop your intuitive gifts.

I know I have strong seeing gifts but need to improve the others-  Is this workshop still worth me doing if I’m confident in one or more gifts already?

Most definitely. You’ll improve your less developed gifts and by watching and doing the exercises of your stronger gifts these will also gain in strength. Plus you’ll probably learn something new along the way.

Do I need to have previous intuitive experience to do this workshop?

Not at all. This workshop is designed for all levels of experience. From beginner to advanced you will gain insight and knowledge about your gifts and how you like to work with them.

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