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Hi, I’m Natalie.

It is my mission to support your spiritual journey by sharing with you, The Spirit Upgrade.

This Upgrade connects you with your Guides – your cheerleaders on the spiritual realm. It guides you, helps you find the answers you seek, and clears any blocks in your way. You will heal the past, and feel a sense of empowerment you once thought was only for others.

Clear. Confident. Connected.

Are you ready to join me on this Upgrade journey?

One-on-one sessions designed to guide you through your Spirit Upgrade progress. Different types of readings to meet you where you are today.
Experience clarity and ease as your soul transforms. Weekly personal sessions to delve deep into working with Spirit, strengthening your continuing connection, giving you a complete Upgrade.
Get empowered and connected with Spirit through workshops, retreats and live events. These gatherings offer you an opportunity to connect with like-minded travelers on your spiritual journey.

"...the real deal..."

Nat is the real deal! I was really impressed with how accurate her reading was. I went in without offering her any idea of what kind of answers I was looking for, and the reading provided them to me tenfold! I’d definitely recommend having your own experience with Nat, and adding her to your portfolio as a resource to go to when seeking answers, clarity, or direction for yourself on your path.

– KN

"...a powerful experience..."

I came into my reading as a complete skeptic. Nat knew nothing about me, had never met me, and yet the accuracy of the reading, and information that was delivered was incredibly accurate. I came to Nat at a turning point in my life, and not only was she able to convey to me what that was, she was able to draw detailed experiences from my past which allowed me to trust what she was telling me about the future. I have never once had such a powerful experience.

– Craig

"...special connection to spirit..."

Natalie is amazing!! Our one hour flew by and was absolutely packed with great insights. Natalie’s special connection to spirit revealed stories, patterns and ideas from my past, and provided me with some great steps to take to help me release and move forward in a loving, heart-opening way. I am tremendously grateful. Thank you so much Natalie! You and your gifts are truly beautiful

– Deanne

"...far exceeded my expectations..."

The appointment far exceeded my expectations. Your energy was genuine and kind and I found that I was comfortable with you the minute we sat down to start the reading.
You were thorough and insightful. You picked up on two or three issues that I had discussions about a few hours before I came to see you. I would definitely recommend you to anyone looking for a reading

– Natasha

"...amazingly insightful..."

Natalie was amazingly insightful, full of pragmatic tips, books to read, things to do all of which I’ve either started or plan to do. The reading was authentic and Natalie has a great style, messages are delivered with genuine care but refreshing frankness. Thoroughly valued the discussion and I’d recommend anyone to take time for you and be open to a great experience.

– Karen

"...outstanding and truly magical..."

I have seen many psychics in my lifetime and Nat definitely delivers according to her company name – Psychic Upgrade! She is highly in tune with the spirit world including the small details that verify the accuracy of her messages. And I am so impressed with her ability to energetically read the cards before she flips them over…outstanding and truly magical. I am already looking forward to my next visit.

– Lucie

Social media is the best place to find me in the online space. I share Daily Upgrade messages, let you know about my latest events and retreats, and share messages from Spirit as I’m guided.

Looking forward to connecting with you.