Saturday, February 27th at
10:00 AM PST/ 1 PM EST/ 6PM GST

Join us for The Doorway Experience, a collective energy immersion and intuition activation! This experience will open the portal to your intuitive abilities and release the blocks that keep you from trusting your own inner guidance.

You will experience a Live Doorway Activation channeled for the specific energy of the group that day.

Natalie will also be channeling messages for the group and will be randomly selecting attendees for one-on-one readings. Natalie will share as many one-on-one messages as time permits.

The power of being in a group session like this is that everyone has been brought together so that the messages and guidance for one person will resonate and relate to the group as a whole. You will leave the event feeling inspired, with guidance and clarity on the questions you came with, armed with practical tools to help you on your journey.

What to expect:

Live Doorway Activation for the specific energy of the group

Natalie will channel messages for the group

An opportunity for a personal live 1-1 reading

The fee to join is $33

To discover more about what The Doorway Activation Series is

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